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Azuki Red Bean Exfoliant


Japanese 100% natural extremely fine Azuki Red Bean Exfoliant which gently buff away dulling surface flakes, unclogging pores and smoothing your skin's texture. Azuki Red Bean powder contains SAPONIN, also contains starch, glucide, protein, vitamins and minerals which are excellent for treating the skin.

It has been used as a face wash in Japan for 1,200 years, and court beauties of ancient Japan would scrub face and body with small silk bags containing Azuki Powder; modern Japanese women use cotton bags or apply directly to the skin. The azuki bean is valued in Japan for its medical properties and its lacquer-red hue; its effectiveness as a beauty treatment is truly time-honored.

Mix with 1/2 Tea spoon and a few drops of warm water in your palm. Apply onto moist face and neck in small circular motions (Avoid eye area). Rinse well with warm water.

100% Azuki Red Bean

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